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What We Women Want!

12 Fascinating Discoveries About Women

Women will be surprised by what the researchers found out about them! (And men will be grateful to know women's secrets.)

In these following pages are twelve important research findings about the strongest basic needs in women. Also, there are some valuable tips for men!

DNA helix

The first big discovery:
Women's behavior today is driven primarily by ancient DNA from their female ancestors who lived over the past millions of years.
Women are still using some of the same million-year-old behaviors from the past, even though they are unnecessary today.

Mom and baby

Women's first and deepest unconscious need is to insure survival and protection of their children, present, and future. Amazingly this is true for women of all ages, even if they have no children and after the childbearing years. This survival need is hard-wired in women's DNA and affects almost everything they do in surprising ways.

How Women's Ancestors Survived

The proven best way for women to survive in the past millions of years was to have close women friends for protection and assistance, especially during childbearing years. Women's ancestors for millions of years had to give birth and raise their children in a hostile world that required help from other women. Men have not been much help to women throughout history. So women are DNA-wired to develop good RELATIONSHIPS with all other women for survival. This is true even though today their world is not as dangerous as in the past couple million years. (Think about those predators, parasites, diseases, and ice ages!)

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Women back in ancient times had to face more dangers than they could cope with by themselves, so having good friendships with as many other women as possible meant a better chance of survival. (Plus giving birth to babies with no help from men meant women friends were essential!)

Mom and baby

So in women's DNA evolved the skills for automatically creating close relationships because that was essential for safety and survival. Women unconsciously know every smile, pleasant word, and caring encounter with another woman is an investment in future survival. For most women, relationship building is a constant daily high priority goal.

Men Are Very Different

Men in conflick

Close relationships have not been important to men for their survival for millions of generations. In fact, men have evolved to be competitive and combative in order to survive, relying primarily on their physical strength and clever tactics to manipulate their physical world and others. Men do not have an evolved need for building relationships with anyone else like women do.

Summary (1 of 12)

A woman's strongest subconscious need is to build trusting relationships with other women to ensure survival of her and her children.

This need is in all women's DNA from millions of female ancestors. And it remains strong throughout life, even after the child-bearing years.

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