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What We Women Want!

Twelve Major Discoveries About Women

You will be surprised by what the researchers found out about women! In these following pages are the 12 most valuable research findings about the strongest basic needs of women, plus some interesting news on men.

DNA helixHere is the researchers' first big news: What women really want is driven primarily by ancient DNA from their female ancestors who lived over the past millions of years. What women today really want comes from what their ancestors needed in order to survive in a past dangerous world! And women in all cultures and countries today still feel the need to operate just as their ancient ancestors did, even though the world conditions are very much different today.

Women's first and deepest need is to survive and protect their children, if any. The proven best way for women to survive for past millions of years was to have close friends for protection and assistance, especially during child bearing years. Women's ancestors for millions of years had to give birth and raise their children in a hostile world that required help from other women. Men have not been much help throughout history. So women are DNA-wired to develop good RELATIONSHIPS with all other women for survival purposes, even though today their world is very different.

Women back in ancient times had to face more dangers than they could cope with by themselves, so having good friendships with as many other women as possible meant a better chance for survival. (Plus giving birth to babies with no help from men meant women friends were essential!) So in women's DNA evolved a need and the skills for creating close relationships for safety and survival.

Men are very different. What evolved in men over past millions of years was a need to be independent and strong. In fact, men are more incline to be competitive and combative in order to survive. So friendly relationships are not important to men for their survival.

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Why Men Don't Understand Women

Men's ancient DNA wiring for survival is based on a need for being dominant in their clan, tribe, or communal group. The dominate male in ancient groups had first choice of food and all the women he desired. Dominant males survived best over all the other males in the groups and therefore produced the most children. This has resulted in today's males carrying an abundance of DNA for domineering, aggression, and the other "male" characteristics for men's survival. Good relationships are not as important to men as they are to women.

Even today, male dominance tactics to become "top dog" begins at puberty. Men's bodies prepare for domineering and competing for high status by building muscles and making testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that makes men "lean and mean". (And some women have a lot more adjectives to describe men!)

Throughout history men have learned to compete in numerous ways to establish their dominance rank in their group hierarchy.Taking risks and demonstrating bravery are common ways young men use to increase their dominance rank in their group.

Young men taking risks.

Often young men are injured or even killed attempting to out-do others in their group to raise their status. That shows how important this need for status is in males.

YouTube now has uncountable numbers of videos of male teenagers doing unthinkably stupid stunts attempting to raise their status in the eyes of peers. In far too many cases they end up with badly damaged property and bodies. Obviously in many cases there appears to be a complete absence of common sense. Blame it on testosterone and a need for dominance status among males! (You don't see young women doing such stupid stunts - or starting wars!)

A man's status is always on his mind consciously or unconsciously because his ancestors' survival frequently depended on being the strongest and most dominant. That need for dominance is still in men's genes as evidenced by men's competitiveness, combativeness, and status seeking. How men express their need for high status today depends on how civilized and socialized they are through upbringing and training. Men think status is important but women think a good relationship is more important. That is a big difference between men and women.

Summary (1 of 12)

Men and women are driven by different needs in their ancient DNA from their ancestors over past millions of years.

Women seek trusting relationships with both men and women to insure survival.

Men constantly strive for high status so they can reap the rewards of being the "dominate male".