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Women Want to Feel Important and Safe

Guys: She Wants to Feel Important to You!

Before women let a man into their life (and maybe their bed) they look for a safe and protective relationship to insure survival. This need for survival through a safe protective relationship is in their DNA from millions of female ancestors.

So woman are constantly watching for signs from the prospective mate of how much he values her. The higher her value to him, the safer she feels, and more incline she feels to let him come closer emotionally and physically.

At the top of women's unconscious needs list is safety, security, and survival. These are relatively insured if the woman has high value to her man mate so he will protect and keep her for the long term. Her cherished value to him is her key to survival. So guys, understand that women have a high need to feel like they are valuable. Their DNA tells them it is their key to survival.

A woman's value to a man can be in many forms such as beauty, sexually satisfying, or good services provider in making a home comfortable. Smart women look for what the man's needs and desires are. Her trick is to give him what he wants so she can be valued and therefore retained for the long term and get what she wants and needs.

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Women learn at an early age that a good looking woman gets attention from the guys and therefore a wider choice of mate and better survival chances for her and her children. A woman's good looks are undeniably very valuable. So most women spend considerable time and money trying to appear young, healthy, and sexy in order to appeal to men and be his most valued woman. (This is how women compete with each other but on the outside act as friends.)

So Guys be aware of how women will determine if you value them. Women looking for a mate will be keenly tuned to your actions that indicate if you value her more than all the other women.

Woman watching a guy.Women unconsciously analyze and evaluate each man's action from moment to moment to see how he treats her. Women have an extraordinary ability to evaluate the body language, tone of voice, and words used by men. Women watch carefully how sincere, honest, and close their relationship really is with each man. (Guys, beware! She starts keeping score right after you say, "Hello".)

Guys, your challenge is to be attentive and meet her expectations in proving how valuable she is to you. (This is where some guys decide to leave and become a hermit!)

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Women have a high need to feel valuable to their mate. Their DNA tells them it is their key to survival.

Most women feel their value is based on how good looking they are. Therefore most women devote considerable time and money to looking their best.

When a man does things to show a woman that he values her highly, she greatly appreciates (and rewards) him more.

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