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Fascinating Mate Selection Chemistry Facts

What the Nose Knows

Men use their eyes mostly to select a mate. Women use their nose to select a mate much more than men. That may explain why some guys are "woman magnets" and attract most of the women. Probably they just smell better than the other guys!

Guy and 2 women.

Women instinctively are attracted to men with an immune system most different from their own, and women can smell the difference in men! Evolutionarily, this has proven to be the best combination for strong health and best survival of offspring by two people. This also explains why young women are so turned-off by their brothers because everyone in the family has a similar immune system!

Woman smelling man.Scientists have identified a range of subtle chemicals and odors associated with men's immune system. These odors, called pheromones, are secreted by men's skin. In tests, women were able to use these pheromones to sort men with similar immune systems from men with very different immune systems. They did this even when the chemical odors were not detectable consciously. Men could not do the same test on women and scored the same as if flipping a coin.

The evolutionary wisdom in women's heightened smelling ability is evident. Historically, women who selected men with the most different immune system produced children with an immune system that had the most defenses against the hazards to good health and survival.

Recent research reveals that a woman's attraction to her selected man is modulated by his odors. One sniff can turn her on - or off! This research also revealed that a high degree of satisfaction with a marriage or long term relationship correlated with big differences in immune systems. The most dissatisfied couples had the most similar immune systems. The statistical evidence was only in women.

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A Woman's Nose Picks Her Man

The ability to detect a male with a very different immune system by his odor is unique to females. This difference between men and women lies in a strip of genes, called Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) that control cells making proteins used in recognizing viruses, bacteria, pollen and dangerous substances.

It appears women, and many female animals, can unconsciously detect the amount and strength of these proteins in males. These proteins detected in males stimulated the females' attraction and drive. Researchers warn that this is not the only criteria females use to select a male for a mate, but it appears to be one important decider that has been strengthened in female's evolutionary process.

Valuable Advice For Men

Understand that if that perfect woman you just met is turned off by you, maybe you just don't have an immune system different enough from hers. (Means you don't smell good enough to her!) If that is the case, there is still something you can do to be more appealing. Most women find a man appealing who uses a light spray or deodorant such as ocean breeze, kiwi, or a combination of baby powder and chocolate. The smell of a man's clean skin with a little fresh sweat, combined with fresh fruity scents, is a strong stimulant for most women. (Guys, maybe you can get away with the chocolate smell for a while, but eventually you will need to shower!)

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Recent research reveals women are more influenced by how a man smells than how he looks. Women are many times more sensitive to odor than men.

Each man produces subtle chemical odors related to his immune system. How a man smells significantly influences how a woman is attracted to him, or not!

Women unconsciously seek men with an immune system different from theirs in order to make the healthiest offspring.

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