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What's It Like Dating Modern Women?

Women's Priorities Are Different Than Men's

Women in research studies reported that a man's looks (i.e. his handsome characteristics) are low on their list of desired traits. There are many other male characteristics more important to women. The most desired male characteristics relate to a woman's safety and survival with the man.

Many women today can take care of themselves and can afford to be very picky in selecting a male mate. In most Western countries today the men must work hard at courting a woman to be considered seriously as a possible mate. Here are the things women consider most important in men:
(Below results are from a long-term, cross-cultural, international study of women's desires in men for a mate.)

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Even after the childbearing years are over, men and women don't change their preferences much for a mate. Women's preferences for a man stay relatively the same at any age. Usually for men at any age, their preferences are that the woman be young, good looking, and sexy. That is what worked in ancient times for men to make the most healthy offspring.

It seems that the software that drives the internal unconscious mental "computer" for mate selection does not come with software upgrades for after the reproductive years!

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Men are competing with all the other guys to get the most desirable woman.

In most western cultures, the woman is ultimately the one who decides who she gives herself to. That means the guy who works the hardest and smartest at courting will capture her! (And at a deep level in him and his DNA needs, his success will show the world what a great hunter he is!)

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